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PTM Electronics designs and builds electronic test solutions for automotive electronic control units.  Since 1990 our Test Solutions have been and are used for Audit, Design Verification, Production, and Service Repair testing applications.  Testing applications include:  Instrument Panel Clusters (IPC), Infotainment Systems (Radio & Navigation), Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS), Body Computers, Climate Controllers, Airbag sensors,  Power Controllers, Head-up-Displays (HUD), and more.  PTM provides products such as the Model 540 Universal Test Controller and development services to design and build proprietary solutions meeting client specific requirements. 

Our Solutions use high accuracy simulations for electrical loads, sensors, actuators and motors enabling us to provide  flexible systems for testing complex control units without elaborate high cost mechanics and controls.  PTM has demonstrated this capability to provide an accurate simulated environment for the device under test  time and time again. We solve problems with cost effective solutions not available from other sources.

Our Mission is to build business relationships through Client Success.  We are Responsive to Client Schedules and Requirements.  We Deliver High Value Equipment, and we provide Worldwide Timely Service and Support of Applications and Equipment.

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